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What is a roof inspection?
A roof inspection is similar to a home inspection, which is usually requested and paid for by a potential buyer or a funding bank during a real estate transaction. In most cases, a home inspection produces a thorough document detailing the condition of a home. Structural issues such as termite damage and rot are investigated, and the electrical and plumbing systems are examined with a comprehensive report being presented. The roof often receives short shrift with statements like We recommend that the roof is inspected by a qualified professional. Hence a call for a roof inspection. Inspections can range from exterior visual assessments relying on reported conditions, to more intrusive inspections where core samples are taken to determine the amount (layers) of roofing, and type of materials used, including asbestos or other components that may require abatement. If a roofing system is expected to require significant work within 5 years it will fail the inspection, which can have an influence on a banks willingness to provide a loan. Depending on the location and complexity of the structure you would expect to pay $250-$700 for a residential roof inspection.
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